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Buyer Tips

Annual Running Costs

Turkey's annual property operating costs are lower than those in Western countries. This helps to explain why it is so popular among foreigners. The sums listed here are simply estimates and will vary significantly depending on the type of property and its location. Obviously, someone who solely uses the property as a vacation house will pay less. All prices are in Turkish lira, however you may convert them to Euros, pounds, or dollars using Google.


Monthly Utility Bills...

Monthly electricity expenditures for a two-bedroom flat range from 150 to 300 lira per month. Air conditioning devices, which take a lot of power, are the primary cause of high electricity bills. As a result, some people save money on their electricity bills by installing stand-up or ceiling fans.

Gas: In Turkey, gas is mostly solely utilized in the oven. It is sold in huge bottles, with a current price of around 90 lira, but in main cites like Istanbul it’s connected through pipes. A gas bottle will last 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you use your oven.

Water: Traditional water meters are gradually being phased out in favor of pay-as-you-go meters. Costs range from about 2 Turkish lira per cubic meter to almost 4 Turkish lira per cubic meter. Water should cost around 150 lira per month for a large family.

Internet: For year-round living, the Internet will cost approximately 150 lira per month. You can rent dongles from organizations that will send them to your door if you just use your property as a vacation home.

Annual Costs for a Property
in Turkey...

Council Tax: The amount you pay in council tax is determined by the number of individuals listed on your tapu (title documents) and the value of your home. In Didim, a typical 2-bedroom flat will cost around 250 lira per year, but higher in other areas.

Rubbish Charge: In Didim, this is a one-time annual tax that is collected along with the council tax and amounts to roughly 120 lira per year.

DASK Insurance: By law, earthquake insurance is required. The price varies depending on which company calculates it based on the square footage of your apartment. A year's rent for a 70-square-meter apartment is about 300 lira. If you add contents and fire insurance, the price will obviously go up.

Service Fees: If you buy an apartment in a complex, you'll have to pay a monthly maintenance charge. This fee is used to cover expenses such as common energy, water, swimming pool maintenance, and any other amenities that the official management committee determines are necessary. They range from 1500 to 4000 lira every year, depending on the complexity.

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