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Buyer Tips

Tips On Renting and Selling Guarantees

Turkey is a good place to invest in real estate. Some people intend to rent out their properties while they are away, either to maintain someone on the premises at all times for security or to generate additional money and recoup operating costs. And others want to resell their properties and wants to be sure they can do it profitably.

The best rental and sales yields guarantees...

The highest rental yields may be found in cities like Istanbul. Rental returns are currently outperforming the range by about 7% each year. As well as quarantines on selling, a profit of roughly 35% can be made. As a supplemental management scheme, new project developers can offer renting and selling guarantees on their properties.

For More Info Contact one of our property consultants...

Whatever property you want to buy for investment while you're not using it, we can provide you with annual guaranteed rental and selling choices that suit your needs, as each project has its own set of circumstances. For more information, please contact one of our property consultants.

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